Aristotle established that there were five elements that explained the patterns of nature:


After personal reflection, these five elements are interpreted making visible what normally goes unnoticed. An ambiguous mix between reality and imagination in timeless spaces that transport us to a remote past or that can also tell us about its delicate future.

In these works, Nature photography debates between the real and the depicted in order to question the everyday connections that each of us may have with the natural world. In the analysis of the natural elements, the different landscapes that are articulated around them are represented.

Our way of perceiving can go beyond appearances and thus Elementum is an invitation to achieve new ways of imagining.

Exposición Elementum 

En la Sala Pérez Estrada del Ateneo de Málaga del 10 de Septiembre al 29 de octubre 2021


At  Colectivo Imagen Fuengirola from 06 November to 14 December 2020

Abstract and conceptual nature photographysite by Bluekea